Someday this will become my coolest website yet. Or not. Probably not.
I've come to prefer a wiki or WordPress blog site instead of a free-form mish-mash.
The two choices on this site are the PMwiki or the MediaWiki.
I also have other personal pages scattered around the web at various places including
www.mhudson.net ... whittier.stmichael.org/markh ...
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various junk...
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  • local downloadable files and music
  • my Yahoo briefcase / photos
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  • arial views: work home church
  • Recent Earthquakes in L.A.
  • mhudson.net
  • hudsonic.com
  • tableBox.js (its my own invention)
  • Merriam-Webster's online dictionary
  • Dynamis daily lectionary
  • BigBandJump radio show
  • my wiki
  • Akhbar - Indian with a California twist -- great Chicken emli
  • Cafe 50's - fun diner atmosphere
  • Hurry Curry of Tokyo - Japanese curry
  • Islands - best fries in L.A. ; good veggie soft tacos
  • Javan - Persian food -- Lubia Pollo
  • Monte Alban - Mexican food -- Oaxacan style (chicken mole)
  • The Shack - burgers and 2nd best fries
  • U-Zen - authentic sushi, teriyaki and tempura
  • Vito - classic northern Italian

  • some current tech interests: small low-power computers [with LCD screens].
  • This normally means laptops, but in May, 2001, I became interested in internet appliances until I actually broke down and ordered a surplus WebPlayer directly from Boundless.
    TODO: WebPlayer: hack it to run some other OS, possibly from hard drive.
  • Of course, as luck would have it, the very next week my workplace had a fire-sale on broken laptops and I was able to combine two into a working unit which is much nicer (Toshiba 3025ct). So I ordered the extra-thin hd from CablesOnline and promptly made it into a dual boot Linux and Win2k box.   see TechNotes wiki.
    TODO: get Toshiba sound working under Linux; get a wireless PC-card.
  • Another idea is to use one of these small things on my Dad's boat. But I worry that the marine environment might corrode a standard laptop, so I bought a heavy-duty Itronix 6250 laptop. (PDF manual here.)
    So I get it home, pop in the ethernet PCMCIA card from my other laptop, and miraculously, it works right away.   Then I update from IE4 to IE5--problem is, the system is [now?] unstable. Not sure if the hardware was flaky from the start, and I just didn't notice, or if the IE update broke the [fragile] Win95 OS. This leaves me in quite a jam since I have no floppy or CD-ROM drives for it.
    TODO: get the thing running reliably.
  • Somehow I got a SPARCstation4 and after replacing the RAM (cheap on eBay), it works great!
    Then I upgraded the hard drive from the measly 1Gigger to a nicer 4.5G (www.pcsurplusonline.com)
    Cool reference sites: www.obsolyte.com, Suns-at-Home
    TODO: upgrade the OS from Solaris 2.5 to (Sol7, or 8, or Linux?), install a web browser on it, test a printer on it, test the monitor on a PC, test the serial console port from a PC.
    Read up on "The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict"